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2019 Christmas Wool Ornament Exchange

This is a Christmas Wool Applique Ornament Exchange  The photo is of a couple of mine that I did years ago.  These won't be the one I'm sending out this time. I just wanted to give you an idea how easy it could be.   We are going to make this a 7 Ornament Exchange. You make 7 of the same wool applique ornaments, keep one, send 6 to us and we send you back 6 different ornaments.  They should lay flat, so we can ship easily. Please no breakable parts. 

Rules and Requirements for the 2019 Rusty Crow Christmas Wool Appliqué Ornaments Exchange. 

1. Pay your $10.00 registration fee by Nov. 15, 2019 deadline, once done you will get an email from me and added to my email Christmas Ornament  Group, also follow on the Rusty Crow Quilt shop Facebook page for pictures of Ornaments  as they get shipped to me.  

2. Please use only quality Quilt Shop fabric and 100% Felted wool.  Make these 7 something you would be excited to get.  If I get ornaments that are not of quality goods, I won't include them in the swap and you will forfeit your registration fee, as I will use the money to ship them back to you.  No hard feelings, but think of others.  

3. Every ornament must have wool appliqué. Please include a hanger of any sort.  Use your imagination.  These are meant to hang on a Christmas Tree. 

4.  The ornaments can any size. It will be fun to see all the finished ornaments on everyone's trees, I would love to see pictures. 

5. All skill levels of wool applique lovers are welcome. I'm not going to exclude someone's work. No returning ornaments you don't like. Life is too short, pass it on to someone who would like it.  No mean girls allowed. 

6.  All Ornaments need to be in my hands by Nov. 30, 2018.  I want to get them shipped out by Dec. 2-3h, so everyone has time to enjoy them on their trees. No Refunds for not meeting the deadlines.   

7.  I'm really easy to get a hold and happy to take your calls, but emails are better for me. or 760-752-7784  This is my cell, so you can text me as well.  I'm a West Coast girl, so remember the time differences. 

8.. I want everyone to have a great time.  I love quilters and look forward to seeing all the handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments.....I hope you will too.  

2019 Christmas Wool Ornament Exchange

$ 10.00