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Summertime is almost over..... Rusty Crow Quilt Shop

 I really can't believe we have been here for 11 months already.  Time flies whether you are where you want to be or not.  So grateful that we took the jump and landed on this wonderful sandbar we now call home  Two of our 3 kids are coming for a first time visit this weekend.  We are excited to share and explore our new home with them.  Since it's just Mike and I at the shop, we are taking Monday, Aug. 22th off, so the shop will be closed an extra day so we can spend it togehter with the kids.  On Saturday night, we are going to go see The Lost Colony Play, the nation's longest running outdoor performance.  Then on Sunday, ride in hummers on the beach to go see the Wild Horses that have been here for the last 400 years.  I'll take pictures and post later. 

We have been busy getting the shop filled with goodies in preparation for the All Carolina's Shop Hope, both North and .South Carolina. It runs Sept-Oct, with over 80 shops in this hop.  Not sure how many stitchers will make it out our way, but at least we are on the map.   Jango will certainly be in the running for Best Shop Dog!! We do have the Magazine/Passport on sale for 9.95  Complete list of all the shops, 7 free patterns and More. 

The spirit of Christmas has exploded in the shop. Three new Moda lines of Chirtmas fabric is up on the site. We have so many small Christmas project patterns here and on the site.  I just kitted the Rollie Pollie Santa Mat.  The sample was missing for 4 days, in which I literally tore the shop and house apart looking for it.  Finally, I found in at home downstairs on a table in the laundry room. The black wool that I was busy felting was folded on top of it.  Must everything I own need an Apple tracker on it?   We have these kits and patterns on the site.  

Valdani is still working hard on getting the stock and colors back in our hands.  We got 5 huge boxes this week.  Lots of missing colors are now available, just in time for stitching season. 

The beach, sharks, stitching....what do they all have in common?  Our Social Sharks Quilt kit, of course!! We have the patterns and the kits ready to ship.  This has been a shop favorite this summer.  We hope you like it too, wherever you might live.  .

I truly hope this note finds you all happy and your skin kissed with a gentle summer tan.  As families on holiday come into the shop, I have thought about my Mom a million times this summer.  My one regret is that we didn't get here sooner, so she could experiece what we love here.  My sister, Monday came for a visit recently and bought me a Spaghetti bowl that was my Great Grandma's then my Grandma, then my Mom's.  My siblings don't remember it, but I do.  Family dinners of pasta and garlic bread piled high.  Great Grandma grew her own garlic, then hung it like little bodies in the garage to dry.  As a kid, I remember seeing those smelly bundles sway, as they would tap the windshield if you pulled the car in too far.  Isn't it funny how a small thing like a Spaghetti bowl can open the flood gate of memories?   So this simple dish now sits on my kitchen island.  I smile when I see it.  The hands of those women that filled it with pasta,then washed and dried it a hundred times or more are the same hands that raised me.  I will be forever grateful and love that it now sits in my home. 

I wish only the best and love for you all. Shawn 





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