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How can it be a Year already???? Rusty Crow in North Carolina.....


Hi Stitchers, 

We are about to celebrate our 1st year here in North Carolina, we are so in love with our new home. I thank God everyday for giving us the faith and courage to make the jump.  We pulled into Nags Head, NC on Sept 20.  Opened the shop on January 1, it's been a busy year.

Housekeeping note: I hope this font is better.  I didn't realize that the font I thought I was using got changed by my email provider when they sent it out. They didn't have the font I used and put in the closest. My aplogises.  Let me know if this is better.  Life is hard enough, you shouldn't have to struggle to read something that should be enjoyable.  

The post office is talking about raising rates again.  I try to keep my flat rate shipping as low as I can.  A 2 ounce package from NC to CA can cost 4.00.  My flat shipping is $3.95, I really want to keep it at that, because if a customer only wants one ball of Valdani or a pattern, it's not crazy expensive. We are going to raise our minumum to $50.00.  However, I'm going to wait until after the holidays.  I don't want to be Grinchy.  I just wanted to have a conversation with you all, so that it's not a surprise to anyone.  We really do work hard to get your treasures into your hands as soon as possible. 

I have a few stitching things to let you know about.  First, we are in our very frist Shop hop.  The All Carolina Shop Hop is going on now.  Sept 1-Oct. 31  We are open Mon-Sat 10-4, we also have 2 Sundays during the Run we are going to be open. Sept 18th and Oct. 16, we are going to be open 10-4 on both those days as well.  There is a darling line of fabric celebrating North and South Carolina, we have it on the website, so if you have Carolina lovers in your family, grab some while it lasts.  We have the Magazine with a complete list of 80 plus shops, 7 free patterns and the passport for 9.95.  Jango has been a great shop hop greeter. 

Next....We are once again one of the designers in the newest Stitch Along by Calico Patch and Woolie Friends.   Click and you will see all the other designers involved.  We are last in this line up, but I don't want you to miss out on the free downloads.  This group only keeps them free the week of their reveal, so you have to download that week, don't put it off. This group has preorders, so mine is available for purchase now.  It's going to be a super sweet collection of Gnomes.  If you are going to use your own wool, we have lots of great reds and green available on the website.  Just please remember if you are preordering, anything in that order is not going to be sent until Dec.  So order separately if you need something now.  

Next.... We are happy to be one of the designers in the Wooly Block Adventure.  This one starts Oct.1-Nov. 30.  The theme is Front Porch Holidays.  Here is the Facebook link to the group.  They announce the release of the blocks and the downloads are free for a couple days of each of the designers websites.  You have to kinda click on every couple days, there is no set schedule for us designers so I have no idea when my block will be available.  But I will have kits available. 

I found the coolest new gadget that is 20 years too late.  A seam gauge, it has little hole that you put your sewing machine into then you see where your edge needs to be for an accurate seam.  This gauge has four measurements, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" I I took the picture without the my sewing machine foot off so you could see the tiny holes and how this lines up.  I have literally build a quilt business without ever having perfect 1/4" seams.  I'm proof you don't have to be perfect, just persistent. I always check my math in the patterns, because I knew my seams were less than perfect.  If I would have had this, my seams would have been better. You never stop learning. This little goodie is 8.50 and worth every little penny.  

Iris & Ivy from Jan Patek from Moda has arrived.  Beautiful purples, creams and greens, we have Yardage and Charm Packs available. 

 We have the Charm Packs for Buttercup & Slate now, the tracking says we will have the yardage by Friday.  

We are getting more and more Valdani colors back in stock.  Offering our "Hello Fall" Collection in Size 12 Pearl Cotton.  6 balls for $30.00 Let these colors inspire you to get started on those autumn projects.  

I love the One Sister Designs Quilt Project books.  So fun and funky. If you want to work on blocks that aren't your typical quilt blocks, these books are for you. 

Now on the personal side of our lives. Two of our three kids came for a visit.  Our son, Jared told me, "I can see why you love it here."  As hard as it was to move away from all of our family and friends, we know it was the right thing and right time for us to make the jump.  We are looking forward to exploring more as we move into the off season.  Businesses here typically close down or cut hours.  We, of course, will continue to be open.  If the post office is open, we are busy filling online orders.  We will cut down to 4 or 5 days for the shop in December.  I'll keep the website updated with new hours if you happen to be traveling our way. 

As September melts into October, and the urge to put needle to wool stirs in you.  Please keep us in mind for your supplies, we are here to serve.  If there is something we don't carry but you think would fit in our inventory, please let me know.  Mike and I order hoping you will like it.  I rather order what I know you want.  That is just smarter business.  

Take care of yourselves, with love, Shawn 



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