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One Whole Year...Rusty Crow Quilt Shop in Nags Head


Happy New Year Stitchers!!!!  

I hope this time of year fills you with renewal and hope like it does me.  

I stayed home Christmas Eve from the shop, left Mike to run the show.  The kids are all home in California, presents are sent.  Anyway, I was just having a lazy day, laundry, stitching, TV watching, you know the kinda of day I'm talking about.  Well, as I struggled to put the folded clothes in the already filled drawers, I decided that was enough.  So I spent the rest of the day dumping all the drawers on the bed and dividing all my clothes into keep or adios piles.  

If I touched it and it didn't scream, "Keep me"!  Out it went.  Jeans that I haven't worn since I got here, bye bye.  After filling a huge trash bag that I could hardly pick up, I went thru my hanging closet.  Bye bye, old stuff.  I put it in the trunk of my car, out of sight out of mind.  I drove it to the local Goodwill this past week.  

Two things stood out to me after this personal purge.  

#1.  I'm not allowed to buy anything in the colors of gray and dark blue.  Maybe my quilter brain was thinking this is a good background colors on which to accessorize.  Maybe it's a no brainer to dress it up with a cute blazer and cute shoes.  Honestly, I got nothing.  Why gray and dark blue?  But no more.  

#2  I don't want to ever have to do this again.  So new rule.  For every one new piece that comes in, I'm donating 2 pieces from my wardrode.  That should keep my drawers closed without me having to stuff them shut.  

With a shop, comes new chores. Inventory is one of them.  We are closing the Shop Jan 3-6.  We will be open Jan 1st and Jan 2nd. Hours 10:00-4:00  January 1 is our first year anniversery, so we felt we needed to be open. This has been a very quick year.  We are so grateful for all of you have made the trek out to the beach to visit us.  And as always, grateful for those who have been with us for years online.  You are the lion share of our business and always will be.  We take care of online orders everyday before we ever unlock the shop door.  Usually, after I lock the doors at 4:00, I hop online and fill orders that have come in during the afternoon while I was on the shop floor before I head home.  I love seeing addresses from the West Coast, it's like a cross country hug.  They haven't forgotten about us.  

Just a reminder about the Valdani Pearl Cotton Price increase on Jan 3.  Pearl Cottons are going to 5.99 from 5.50 a ball.  It's been 4 years since we have raised our prices.  

We have lots of stock right now, so if you know you have projects planned for next year now is the time to order your threads.  

I'm raising my glass and toasting the best 2023 has to you all.  Cheers, with love, Shawn, Mike, and of course, JuJu, Jango, Dasha and Harper the cat. 


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