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Rusty Crow Turns 20 years old today!!!

               Rusty Crow turns 20 years in this wonderful, crazy Business!!!!!

We are so happy to still be in business 20 years later today!!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think my little internet business would take me away from my resturant job as a server, to traveling on the road vending, to designing my own patterns and seeing them in magazines, to long arming thousands of quilts for customers to moving across the country and opening a Quilt shop a block from the beach.  Honestly, never doubt yourself.  I know I didn't do this alone, and I'm so grateful for my faith, family, friends and wonderful customers that helped us get here.  

To Celebrate our success so far, we want to give back to our online community who got us here.  Every online order only this month, April, is going to get a random Rusty Crow Quilt Pattern in every order as our party favor!!!!! 

To make shopping easier let me share a bunch of new stuff that is on the website.  I just noticed that my last newsletter was in January.  I have to get better at this.  

We have added a bunch of Creative Grid rulers.  I'm currently working on the Wonky Log Cabin ruler with the Beachy Batiks from Moda. My next project I'm going to use this tiny Pineapple Ruler. 

We have added so many buttons that I have created a different category online separate of the notions page.  Please check them out and let me know if you want me to keep sourcing new ones. 

Next is the new Iron Carrying bags for both sizes regular and mini travel irons.  What I love the most about these is that you can applique on them.  Pretty much, if anything stops long enough, I'm going to try to stitch some wool on you.  

We have so many tourists/quilters that come into the shop and tell me they have never seen so much wool and Valdani in one place. Some have never dabbled in wool before. (I'm almost jealous, they don't know the joy they are about to experiece) Their eyes widened, it can be daunting. Finding a pattern, picking out the wool and thread, etc. The initial costs can be scary to put out for a craft that you may not enjoy, even though we all know different, lol.  I'm still very aware.  I found these wonderful kits that are only 22.99 for the pattern, wool felt and thread.  It's wool felt, but for beginners it's perfect.  We have them all the website, super affordable projects. 

I need to write more often, this newsletter is getting long. Sorry, but I have so much to share.  Sipping more coffee, now.

Patterns, Patterns and more Patterns.  We have more in the shop then ever before.  Besides the 3 yard Books that everyone loves, we have these plus more.             

Saving the best for last.  New wools and a new Valdani Color!!!! Introducing Dalia Dance O82 this color will be availabe in all sizes of Pearl Cotton. Right now, we only have Size 12 and 8.     

I know I'm forgetting lots of stuff, but these are the highlights. This week, we got our first bus load of quilters.  I didn't know they were coming, and of course Mike was out doing errands. But they were great and patient as I was cutting fabric and checking out customers.  Thank you ladies for coming!!!   I hope to see more of these cute buses pulling in. 

We are heading into our "Season" as they say here on the island.  The grocery stores are stocking up, hiring now signs are every where, the sun is hanging out a bit longer in the sky everyday.  Life is good, actually life is great.  Do we still have struggles?, heck yeah.  JuJu, our old Berner is now getting acupuncture treatments twice a week now.  He still has lots of trouble with his mobility, so we are doing what we can for our bear.  He had to have another MRI a couple weeks ago, lots of inflamation, but he isn't a surgery candidate anymore, so we are trying different treatments.  

I'm still collecting my sea glass. No one goes with me, because I walk for miles.  My walks on the beach is where I feel my Mom's spirit the most.  I can't believe she has been gone a year already.  Life certains gives with one hand and takes away with another.  Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, take an extra 20 minutes to work on your fun project, chores can wait.  Hug your dog and give your kitty scratches under the chin.  

Til next time, Happy Stitching with love,  Shawn and Mike





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