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Happy New Year, Stitchers


Happy New Year Stitchers,  

There once was a time in my life that I wanted to be a writer. I worked in a book stores all through high school and college. Not sure what I thought I could add to the literary world, but that didn't stop me from scribbling. That dream is as faded as the mom and pop book stores that I loved and worked in are now a thing of the past. I kinda feel sorry for people who never knew the pleasure of getting lost in the aisles of a book store, reading the backs of paperbacks looking for the next secret world to explore.  Reading from a glowing screen will never replace or give me the pleasure of turning a paper page, then another, then another.  

The end of the year, the end of anything, makes me reflective.  I don't mean to sound remorseful.  I do write almost everyday.  Granted it's not the next great American novel, but maybe it's a post that brightens someones day.  Even the orders I get from you.  I print out the packing slip and instinctively have to write a quick note on it.  Thanks, thank you, are some of the most underrated and invisible words in our dictionary. I think they are so important to being human.  

If you doubt me, think about an interaction when it wasn't said.  Didn't it leave you off?  I actually feel sorry for those who are curt or rude to me.  Their lives must be so hard.  They don't seem to know the secret to graditude.  A simple Thank you, it makes you both of feel valued and connected.  When I write, even if its a quick note of thanks it makes me...well, me.  I'm a writer, and you are important to me.  So I write a note of thanks, its natural for me.  Thank you for being a part of what I do.  

Poor Mike, he tries.  So if you get a thanks with a smiley face, please know that he is trying.  Writing is not his fortay.  I have one letter that he wrote me when we were dating.  He is not the wordsmith in the family.  He is adorable, but his love laugage is not the written word, but service.  He is a man of few written words.  Spoken words, now that is a totally differernt story, lol. 

We are getting the Shop stocked up for all our Winter and Retreat visitors.  

The last fabric I needed to finish kitting Feeling Crabby finally arrived. Kits are now available.  I did cut a binding fabric and included it in the kit.  But you can see I scrapped my binding from the left over crab fabrics.

We have put all the Big Core Valdani on Sale for $3.50 a ball until it's gone.  Some of the colors are a bit different that the normal Valdani, but it's just another crayon in my coloring box as far as I'm concerned.  We have a fat supply of Size 12 and Size 8 Pearl Cottons. 

Like all well laid plans, this year the post office had other ideas.  Some of the cute stitcher stocking stuffers I ordered arrived the week after Christmas. Oh well.  These needle keepers and itty bitty magnet bowls are adorable.  The Needle Keepers are 2.99 and the Bowls are 6.95  

Mike and I are getting ready for our very first Quilt Retreat in Febuary and then another in March. Febuary is completely sold out.  We do have 3 rooms left in our March retreat.  We have 2 rooms with king size beds with private bathrooms.  The third room is on the top floor, it has 2 twin beds and a pyramid bunk with a bath.  This floor has be best views.  So grab a friend, book a room and head to the beach to quilt with us in March. 

I'll be back Jan 8th my Facebook Live Stitch and Chats Mondays at 6 pm.  I have been driving Rohni, the owner of Diamond Textiles crazy trying to create the perfect fabirc for A Day in Happyland pattern.S I think we may have it, I'm just waiting for my sample to come in the mail.  Please be patient, I want just the right background.  Trust me, it will be worth it.  Diamond Textiles are the best for wool applique, in my humble opinion. 

May 2024 be the best of what you need it to be.  

Thanks for being one of the best parts for us, 

Love Shawn and Mike 


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