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Valdani Thread


Pearl Cotton Size 5, 8, & 12!

6-Strand Valdani Facebook Offer

3-Strand Floss Valdani

Wool Hand Floss

6-Stranded Floss

Silk Floss

Valdani 6-Strand Floss Collection

Bits & Bobs Stitch-Along Norma Whaley Thread Kit

Silk Pearl

Brighten Your Day Collection Valdani Pearl Cotton Size 12

Butternut Days Stitching Wool Projects by Maggie

Garden Whimsy by Norma Whaley Valdani Thread Kit

Holiday Table Runner Thread Kit.

P Series Sets for FB Stitchers.

Perfect Colors Collection by Norma Whaley Size 12 Valdani

Pine Cove by Crows on the Ledge Thread kit

Remember The Giver Thread Kit by Timeless Traditions Quilts

Settler's Pride Stitch Along by Maggie Bonanomi Valdani Thread Kit.

Village Green By Maggie Bonanomi Thread kits

Arborist Journal Thread Kit for the FB Stitch Along

Thread Kit for Willoughby by Linen Closet Designs

Mother Earth Valdani Thread Kit FB Stitchers


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6-Strand Valdani Facebook Offer


Holiday Table Runner Thread Kit BlackBird Designs