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Steady Betty New Blonde Board 12" X 12" Made in the USA

This Blonde Steady Betty Pressing Surface is like having a third hand when pressing any item. The Steady Betty is lightweight, ultra-portable, and a precision built surface that makes the task of pressing much easier. The fabric is held in place with little to no movement creating the perfect press. Fabrics will grab the Steady Betty, preventing stretch and distortion when ironing, unlike other pressing pads. Perfect for straight, uniform seams and holding bias strips. The Steady Betty Pressing Surface is also great for applique using both wool and cotton as well as paper piecing. This surface stays cool to the touch but allows the temperature of the fabric to get as hot as needed. This feature allows you to play with your project without burning your fingers. Save time and energy while getting professional results. Your projects will never look better. Made in the USA.

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